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Our company, Sedona Mystical Tours, offers a unique approach to the sacred land around Sedona. We have been in Service with our unique way of Touring this amazing place since 1993; becoming intimately familiar with how the earth’s energies of this area can allow an opening and ultimately a flowering into ones Human Beingness… fully yourself with the land and the Great Mother Earth Herself.

We at Sedona Mystical Tours have discovered some of the most potent concentrated energy fields (Vortex Phenomena) in the Sedona area to reconnect you with the energetic nurturance of Mother Earth’s NEMFs (natural electro-magnetic fields)

This, in turn, allows you, the visitor to be quickly introduced to the vortex phenomena by learning to transmute this energy into the pure Life Force from the Earth and then guiding its power in multiple ways to utilize this potent influence.  Read More. 

We have also added several new healing services to enhance your Sedona spiritual experience. These techniques are used both on the land and in our restorative wellness space to deepen your connection to the natural healing energy vortexes found here in the Red Rocks.  Read More…


Ben Lonetree and Mark Griffon were interviewed and filmed demonstrating the affects of the vortex influences Sedona has become world renown for.

For behind the scenes photos and this experience, visit Sedonanomolies.

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Mark and Michael with the Travel channel’s crew filming a show on the vortex


   mr and mrs adventure 2

Check out our featured article on Mr. and Mrs. Adventure.com




You should consider only choosing a company that is licensed in Sedona 

Here’s a great article which reveals the effect that Sedona has on its visitors: 

Dear Visitors


Welcome to Our Website,


Sedona Mystical Tours offers an outdoor experience that in many ways, honors the traditional use of the Sedona area. In present time, this would be referred to as the connection of ones mind-body and spirit with the land. Our tours are designed to promote this connection, showing individuals how to access their infinite potential. You’ll be exposed to the beauty of the Red Rock formations, more importantly it’ll bring about the reminder of the beauty that lies within us, which is realized through our sensory experience of this still sacred land.


If your intention is to open yourself to experiencing divine presence and guidance while on tour, we can assure you that by the end of our time together, you will leave with a greater sense of connection then when you arrived.


In this period of great change, there’s an opportunity for you to become an active participant in the unfoldment of what’s to come. Sedona’s energy acts as an activation, and allows for great transformation to take place in ones spiritual life. You will undoubtedly leave Sedona more aware and present to what’s occurring within you as you return back to your life and  become a catalyst for others. 



Mark Griffon,

Guide & Facilitator


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