The concept for Sedona Mystical Tours began over 20 years ago, not long after Mark and his long- time friend and mentor Harold relocated to Sedona from California. But the foundation of the work Mark and Harold provided goes back to their days in California where they facilitated journeys to the sacred Mount Shasta area in northern California.

Sedona Mystical Tours Mark GriffonIt was there that they developed a Shamanistic approach to healing utilizing spirituality and aspects of western physiology , as tools to facilitate people’s healing needs. They also began to realize they were natural dowsers who could intuitively locate vortex energy where ever they were led. 

Upon moving to Sedona, Mark and Harold began exploring Sedona and  surrounding areas. They both began making excursions into remote areas finding many fascinating and beautiful locations, and realizing the tremendous influence this had on themselves and others. At this time they recognized the potency of utilizing the land energies in conjunction with their ceremonial practices, to assist others in manifesting their needs and genuine desires..

hamish and andy show with mark griffon @ sedonamysticaltours

Australian film crew 

Now the seeds of Sedona Mystical Tours were sprouting and Mark, decided to develop a website and make the company a publicly accessible business. The company began to get its legs and developed over the years to become one of the spiritually based tour companies in Sedona. 

Mark and Sedona Mystical Tours have interacted with thousands of people, both locals and visitors, bringing an enriching experience to our customers and leading to Mark’s many current friendships around the country and the world.


Globo News crew from Brasil interviewed Mark as part of a story about Arizona

Harold eventually passed over in 2010. At that time Mark had to set a new direction for the company he was now leading alone. He developed and evolved his own unique approach with the services offered and began offering retreat packages for those interested in a deeper experience. He also emphasized his astrological insights and assumed the Spiritual role Harold previously provided. It was magnificent adjustment, but many years later the company is running fluidly and Mark has continued affecting many more lives on his own and in leadership of current team.

The goal of Mark and his team is to facilitate the perfect Sedona journey for your particular needs using their knowledge, experience and the stunning landscape which is the magic of Sedona.

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Mark and Harold being interviewed at Cathedral Rock


A show about the vortex phenomena by dish network featured
Sedona Mystical Tours and Mark.