Michael Lawrience

Michael David LawrienceMichael has experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Self-Esteem Coach and Mentor and a Self-Help Author and Writer. As a Personal Growth Seminar Leader, he has taught professionals, nonprofessionals and parents with troubled teenage girls in the United States, Canada and Brazil for over 20 years.

Michael as a certified Residential Coach and Mentor has over 13 years experience teaching teens self-awareness, self-esteem and self-reliance. He has over 35 years experience as a holistic health practitioner with a B.A in Sacred Healing and is a certified Professional Bowenwork Practitioner.

As an experienced Energy Healer, certified Access Bars Practitioner and certified Bowen Therapist, I provide a combination of skills both on hiking tours, as well as in individual sessions. I have been experiencing and exploring the Sedona power spots or what is also known as the “Sedona Landscape Temple” (Nicholas Mann) for decades.

To open your energy field I sometimes use the first position of Access Bars to bring energy from your feet, all the way up your body and out your head. A full session of Access Bars has 32 points on your head and holding these points clears past emotions, judgments and thoughts that may have plagued you most of your life. With Sound Therapy you can experience a positive change in a short period of time while on tour.

I also can assist you to gain greater clarity about personal challenges and life goals. This all occurs through the combination of my skills and your connection to the healing of the Sedona Earth Power which helps if you’re looking for personal emotional or spiritual breakthroughs.While on tour if you have any discomfort in your body including back, hips, knees or legs, a few quick Bowen Therapy moves over muscles or tendons may ease your pain. 

Michael’s Books:

Emotional Health: The Secret for Freedom from Drama, Trauma and Pain
Self-Esteem: A Teen’s Guide for Girls (also Women and Parents) 

For more information or to schedule a session,
please contact Michael at Sedona Mystical Tours.