We want to bring meaning back into your life

These are multi-day experiences customized to the specific needs and place you are currently at in life.

IMG_1005Sedona has become a hub for a number of retreat centers that assist people with their addictions, traumas, health issues and opening themselves up to a new way of living their lives.

Why Sedona? The area has long been known for its vortex energies. These are magnified frequencies emanating from the earth, through the areas unique geology. It has been shown to alter brain wave patterns, open chakra or energy centers of the body through the scientific method of study. This allows you the participant to attain both calming affects of the mind and body, which act as an avenue for release of tension in both. Once the brain wave patterns reach these states, great changes in mind and emotion, healing in body, and the beginning of clear insight and impressions from your higher consciousness take over.

IMAG0455 - Copy This is our goal for you. You all have a destined path your meant to follow in life. We want to support the awareness of this through the guidance and support we offer. We will utilize numerous locations in the Sedona area. Each with its own unique energy signature. This approach is more unique than most retreat programs, due in part to Mark’s time of 24 years in Sedona, guiding people on the land and showing them how to benefit from it.

The technique will be included with your retreat are the following: sound and vibrational healing, energy work, astrology readings shamanic ceremonies and rituals, ceremonies to cleanse the physical body, education of the earth energies, coaching to support the raising in consciousness.

Now by getting some personal information from you in advance, we will determine the best approach that will bring a graceful trans-formative experience. We want to see you leave Sedona with a newperspective of yourself and your life’s purpose.

The retreats are divided into 2-3-5 day increments, with additional time also being available. Prices vary according to the number of participants. Remote locations are dependent on the climate and season.

The retreats incorporate time on the land, individual readings, body work, Shamanic Inner Soul journeying, Musical And Crystal Toning /Sound Healing Meditations,  use of the energetic healing chambers and other modalities as needed by the individual.