Sedona Mystical Tours: We are all on a personal journey

With Sedona Mystical Tours, as a consciously connecting Journey together, we all walk this soul-journey of the Universal Mysteries of life.

Sedona Mystical Tours

We provide the space for this because we understand and embrace this ourselves, assisting you to sift through the everyday static and tune in to the Heart of the Matter, initiating that magical moment, touching the authenticity of your Soul.

Our tours in and upon this Sacred Space of Sedona are Journeys to uncover and discover the Sacred Life Affirming Elements inside each of us, which can turn on the innate abilities that Guide you to your Life’s Dharma Door even if you have found your Life’s purpose already. sedona mystical tours

For us at Sedona Mystical Tours, reawakening to the person you are meant to be in this life is a daily occurrence. Offering our hearts to the land, thus the Land returns the favor and shows us how and why eco-harmony is shared and is non-competitive.

 sedona mystical tours


Various locations around Sedona have been shown to promote various brain wave patterns (EEG) that lead to a deeper meditative state (Theta and Alpha). You find yourself being able to draw out the natural intrinsic energies of the earth while on our tour and experience the ways it oftentimes effects the relaxing of the Sympathetic Nervous System. sedona mystical tours

We will compassionately guide you on your spiritual journey, combining seamlessly the profound depth of the inner Journey, to the exuberant heights of the outer Journey rolled exquisitely into a Sedona Mystical Tour Experience.

To make the visit to Sedona more complete we offer a host of services to accommodate your personal needs and desires to leave Sedona feeling rejuvenated and capable of reentering your life with a clear perspective on what brings fulfillment to your greatest dreams.

 sedona mystical tours