Testimonial Continued

Sedona Mystical Tours are designed as individualized healing experiences whether in a group or as a single person as was in my case. And you just don’t buy a ticket for some time and head out. Mark and Paula really listen to you and what has been going on in your past and present that finally brought you to Sedona. They do not offer judgments, only kindness and direction. I have never met anyone so warm, understanding and happy about what they do. Remember, I said they were authentic Shamans…far from the road-side attraction adds that leave some still wondering why they came at all. From the first trail walk with Mark, he was focused on what I said, saw and how I interacted with the energy sources around me. Mark allowed me to lead in a way, and gave my spirit time and space to be heard again, not my audible words and busy thoughts, but the source energy originating from the essence of who I really was.

Yes there were quiet times, interspersed with great releases of emotion and negative energy from the past. Each day Mark chose a different location leading to another-totally different level of healing energy, and yes, eye-popping, jaw-dropping beautiful scenery. None of the areas we walked to required any unusual effort or special equipment-except an open heart and clear intention. Although he does offer retreats to mystical locations as well. Whether you choose one day, four as I did, or a full week’s retreat, you are going to experience one of the deepest spiritual transitions in your life; and each person, I can promise will experience a healing totally unique to themselves.

On my fourth day I chose a healing session with Paula-who also joined us at a number of vortex experiences. Like Mark, Paula is a Master in her field-Shamanic Energy Medicine. She incorporates a number of methods including Reiki and Shamballah to complete the work done at the vortexes. She uses a three-point healing method-Balance in Body-Mind-Spirit to help discard uncertainty, anxiety and guilt that feed the negative energy within us all. Just like Mark, she works with each person individually and whether you have only one session or several, her work spiritually compliments the work Mark does on the land. At the end of my session with Paula, I experienced total silence and awe the next day, with the only voice I heard coming from my heart.

So, I hope this testimonial of my experiences with Sedona Mystical Tours has given you a glimpse into what they have to offer all of us who honestly seek to heal and change ourselves. I know that what I learned-that which is most private to me-will last a lifetime and many more. Another hour or day of hesitation is time lost that can’t be retrieved; I hope that if you are taking the time to read this, you have decided that the time is now.

An authentic Shaman always provides their students an opportunity to learn for themselves; Mark and Paula will get you there, and you will see, as I did, that the path is clear. It is up to you whether to take the first steps. Sedona Mystical Tours Sedona is a great place to begin.

Blessings and Love,

– Alan, Virginia