Memories of Trees
The greatest birthday gift I could ever give myself was a spiritual journey to Sedona (also known as my SOUL VACATION).  As soon as I contacted Mark inquiring about a Vortex tour on my birthday, I knew I was in the right hands and that ramped up my excitement level ten fold.

So many things literally fell in my path the week prior to my sojourn, including a major fall that damaged my knee.  I kept the faith that I should ignore all the pit falls and keep on the path towards Sedona (all roads lead to Sedona).  I was in the hospital having an xray of my knee when I remembered a song that simply says “We fall down, but we get up! For a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got back up…you can get back up again!”

All the stumbling points fell away when I met Mark in person on the start of my magical mystery tour (which was waiting to take me away).  Mark instinctively knew exactly what I needed to jump start my clearing work to set the stage for the spiritual retreat I was participating in later that week. 

I was very drawn to the Vortex tree’s and the first one I “hugged” touched me so profoundly that I started to sob and shake, as I felt the love, energy and alignment flow into my body, soul and spirit.  When I finally pulled away from the tree, I saw a giant smile on Marks face because he absolutely knew what was happening.  I apologized for going into the “ugly cry”, since this was only about 15 minutes into my adventure with him.  He said the tears mean that it is working.

The cost of admission to the ride of a lifetime in relation to the beautiful souvenirs I took away with me are beyond comparison.  Please consider giving yourself this gift, as the only regret I walked away with was wishing I had done this years ago.  So if not today…then WHEN is the right time to grant yourself this wish and walk in Marks light as he guides you to a better YOU!!

Exit Laughing,
Cindy W, Boston

My Experience with Sedona Mystical Tours
When I thought about writing a testimonial describing my four-day experience with Sedona Mystical Tours, all kinds of words came flooding into my mind. You see I am a retired English professor and before that a Navy Public Affairs Officer with the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Talking and writing came very easy and natural for me. In fact life became a sort of run-away train of events, with lots of writing and even more talking to people about things that were not bringing me any satisfaction. I finally concluded I needed a break; after friends suggested a trip to Sedona and its healing energy vortexes, I began like you to search the internet for the right guide. And probably just like you, I found website after website offering a windshield tour in the back of a jeep or a very fixed menu of activities that promoted themselves and not customers like me, or YOU, who really needed some healing time. Fortunately, on the second or third day of research I came upon the Sedona Mystical Tours site and decided to play some of the videos by the owner Mark Griffon and read about the healing methods offered by his partner, Paula Lockwood.

At first it wasn’t what Mark was saying, but how he was saying it. Every word led back to what his customers were looking for and how he could help them individually. You see Mark and Paula are authentic Shamans who offer to not only guide you to the known and lesser known sacred areas, but to design each experience around what you feel you need to make a major healing transition in your life—Right Now!  Read more…

Closer to source than any other time
During our session with Michael, I was completely at ease thus allowing me to feel closer to Source than at any other time in my recollection.  I was introduced to Bowen Therapy and tuning forks helping to ease my ability to walk with much less pain.  
– Charlie H, Texas

We went to the Grand Canyon the next day after meeting with you and I noticed that Charlie walked better and didn’t complain much about his back or legs bothering him.  Since we have been home he is not taking as much pain medicine as he did before seeing you.  As far as my experience, it was wonderful.  I felt so in tune with the universe, peaceful, energized and rested.  I had several people tell me how good I looked and my cousin said she could feel energy radiating from me.  Wow, what a terrific experience!  I had another experience the day before we left which confirmed what you were telling me about my purpose.  I just want you to know, you truly helped both of us and we very grateful!  Thank you for taking us to a site that was conducive to Charlie’s limitations as far as walking and climbing.  I am so glad that we were able to meet with you and appreciate the time and guidance you gave us.

Light and Love,
Debbie and Charlie H, Texas

An experience in healing that was beyond all expectations
This was our first visit to Sedona, and the experience was beyond any expectation I could have had. Having had many health challenges in the past year, I can honestly say that after the 4 hours we spent with Mark I felt better than I have in a very long time. The chronic pain that I have been experiencing abated and I felt truly good! Alan had a similar experience with his own health issues. Mark tailored the journey to our needs and abilities, and made the process as opening and soothing as any experience as I have ever participated in. I strongly encourage anyone who is searching for answers to contact Mark.

An experience to remember
On a recent mother/daughter trip to Sedona, we discovered Sedona Mystical Tours online – I believe we were guided to the website and Mark. Our life experiences and loss of family members mirrored Mark’s life. Mark is a true man of the earth and a magnetic individual, our tour was truly a spiritual awakening that energized us. if you are in Sedona, you shouldn’t miss a tour with Mark.

Spiritual Awakening
Mark knows the area extremely well. We toured Vortexes, the Stupa, & other sacred sites. He is also a great guide for local cuisine and sight seeing. I’m going home with a renewed sense of self!

Our magical and spiritual trip to Sedona was a life changing experience. How can I explain it…I truly can not find the words…if you are planning a trip make sure to book a one with Mark – “Sedona Mystical Tours”… Experience the magic & beauty of the red rocks through the eyes of a mystical shaman. Our tour was customized to fit our needs and surely surpassed them. We just returned home and are already planning our return visit.
Take the journey of a lifetime, it will surprise you in many ways!

“Sedona, Bell Rock, Mark, Lynn and Michial taught me so much in such a tiny amount of time. I am humbled by their talent, resources, and ability to reach out to people who, like me, don’t know how to “receive”. They all are touchstones that I will return to again and again.  The work has just begun.  If I can release a lifetime of grief during my first visit to Sedona, will happen next time?” Read More…

Dear Mark,

I simply had to write to you to thank you again for your generous sharing your gifts with my sister and I.  As you can see from my Facebook photo, Cathy and I are glowing with love and joy after ou100_3300r experience yesterday. I have the utmost respect for what you are doing to change the world one person at a time and I look forward to sharing the love from this point forward.  Again, my thanks and I look forward to what emerges from our work together.  Until our paths cross again, I will follow your posts on Facebook and think of you with gratefulness, my mentor.

All the best,
Laura O.,
March 2012

P.S. Cathy sends her best as well



I would like to thank you for the extraordinary trans formative tour
you gave me on Friday morning. I had several visions and felt the
energy move through me. This tour was more then a spiritual revelation and much more then a spiritual awakening. Before I went on this tour I felt depleted and not motivated. I felt as the people in my life had suck the life out of me. I now fill rejuvenated, invigorated and most
important I fill I have a stronger purpose in life in which I never
had nor could sense growing up. I know for sure that I will be going
back to see you and Harold in the near future and I will defiantly
 pass the word on here in San Antonio of Sedona Mystical Tours.

Al, Texas  2009

Hi Mark,

I wanted to thank you for being such a sensitive and sweet soul. Cheryl and I couldn’t have picked a better person to facilitate the changes we need to make on a personal and spiritual level. I’m also interested in getting my chart read sometime. Please send me more info.

Cheryl and I are headed out Sunday (unfortunately). We already miss Sedona. I totally feel at home here.

I must add that I felt an amazing resonance with you. Perhaps we new each other in another life or eons ago before our earthly existence 🙂 I’m going to miss your hugs!

Much Gratitude,
March 2012

Hey Mark,

It was great meeting you and Harold – truly, you are fulfilling your
call for the benefit of this planet and all its people – in particular
those who visit Sedona and find themselves at your doorstep.
Can’t sufficiently express what a pleasure it was to work with you and
experience your gifts, knowledge and insight.  It brought us closer to
the earth and even more attenuated to the infinite intelligence of the
Creator and all that is.
Many blessings for infinite abundance and enduring peace.

MJ, 2009


I thank you so much, Mark, for the wonderful time in Sedona. Every day was unique and special, I enjoyed every single moment.

Back home in Switzerland I realize how much I was connected with nature, with the red rocks, with the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain and snow  …as the singing bowl picked up the vibration I could let go of many old belief systems which blocked my flow of energy.  I feel pure and light, authentic and happy. It was a journey of empowerment.

Light and Dance”
Cora, Switzerland,

Dec 31, 2011


I would like to express to you, my sincere gratitude for the amazing journey we shared.  My intent for this journey was to connect with the land and empower my being with the energies Sedona provides.  Mark, with your guidance and your amazing gifts, I was able to accomplish my intentions, along with an abundance of clearing and healing.  I feel ten pounds lighter!  In addition, my senses have opened up to much higher levels.
My Heart and Soul are overflowing with so much Love and Happiness!  Until my next visit…..Namaste’  

An Abundance of Love To You!
June 2012


I recently visited Sedona for the first time and was referred by a friend to Michael David Lawrience. I wished to visit the energy vortexes and also to do some opening, balancing and clearing energy work.  I contactedMichael who immediately set about custom making a day in Sedona for myself and a friend.  We visited a number of vortexes and Michael did some chakra balancing work with us right away.  His knowledge of the area, coupled with his expertise in spiritual work was evident early on in the tour.  At one of the vortexes, I cleared a loved one who had passed over and did work healing sub-personalities.  Michael is an expert in his field. Later we spent the afternoon at a labyrinth, did some work at a medicine wheel, and then visited a Buddhist stupa.

 I found the experience with Michael unique, informative, and most importantly for me, a big step forward on my spiritual path.

Thank you so much again Michael.


Jill M, British Columbia 

Mark is a guide and protector, to me he is like the great Trees, he just happens to drive a van.   Yes, take your “tour”.  IT IS YOUR TURN.

Linda B.,  L.A. California


When I left Sedona, I know deep within that I have been permanently and positively transformed. Sedona Mystical Tours, with Mark, contributed significantly to my personal experience: what I undertook initially as a curious, enthusiastic tourist in Sedona became a potent, life-changing, and life-affirming spiritual pilgrimage.

Joel C., Los Angeles, CA


My trip to Sedona was one of the best experiences of my life. I hold this in part to Mark, our tour guide Mark from Sedona Mystical Tours. this was not merely a  tour filled with typical tourist sites… It was a journey which allowed me to fully tap into my spiritual side which has extended to my life back at home.

Michelle P., Southern California